A new feature:  Each month a story told by a young person, who’s grown up in Tribeca, will be published. We are seeking the point of view of the generation that will inherit what the elders leave behind. This story is Will’s opinion about what has been lost in man’s pursuit to dominate air rights.

“The Jenga building has greatly changed the way that I look at my neighborhood. Before it ever existed, I looked up in the sky and saw, simply put, the sky. It was beautiful and remarkable. The squat old warehouse buildings were the highest in the skyline when I looked east. But now, when I look up, I see a glass building that looks like it is way too tall to be in my neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great looking building, but it would look a lot better about 70 blocks further north. Now every time that I look up, I see a building that seems to be on the verge of collapsing onto the surrounding streets. Frankly, it was the first major sign in my lifetime that Tribeca was changing–not for the better or for the worse, just changing. Period. As much as I get that it is a real architectural feat, it started a tidal wave of change in my area. Places that I used to go to are now gone, and that was the initial ripple. “
Will Bompey, Age 17