10013 Limited Edition Collection – Tribeca 2008

When I landed in NY back in 1978 I had one dream: to be a photographer. By 1996, I wearied of noisy neighborhoods. As a photographer and single mom, I searched for peace. I wanted to spend more time at home, work in the darkroom, learn how to build a real home. “In my professional life I was the peripatetic photographer, returning to NYC to renew my spirit.” Tribeca attracted me like no place I’d ever seen. The magnificent old buildings with cast-iron facades and columns did not obstruct the skyline. Lush greens and parks along the mighty Hudson River, restaurants like El Teddy’s, Chanterelle and Odeon, as well as the Square Diner, and Socrates, were designed to serve good food for workers and hungry artists. Tribeca was cheap for living and working. Performers and artists were unfettered. Normal people never went to Tribeca. It was dark and dirty.

Tribeca was my secret Utopia.